About us

Sergei Vakarin and Vitaliy Nebylitsa founded Winton Llc in 2005 as an R&D spinoff of Geos Llc, with veteran scientist Irina Sevbo to design and implement future Web environments that facilitate knowledge discovery, sharing and integration. The team has more than 65 combined years of natural language processing experience at world-renowned companies including Russian Academy of Science and UK University of Manchester.


Sergei Vakarin, Wintonís CEO holds a MA Management and Information Technology degree from Manchester University. Over his career, Sergei co-founded Geos Llc, a company with $3M annual turnover, and had about $30M loan funds under operational management. He is the CIO at Geos since 1996, consults the International Monetary Fund and major banks in data analysis and has wide experience in intranets, information retrieval and machine translation systems.


Vitaliy Nebylitsa, VP of Marketing holding a MA Marketing degree from Kiev Economic University is the co-founder and CEO of Geos, a leading company in business directory, search and cartography services and publishing. Geos uses Wintonís intelligent Web search technology to compile guidebooks and databases. The AuthorWeb prototype is used to retrieve text fragments from the source documents (preselected from the Web using one of major search engines) and compile summaries.


Irina Sevbo(Biletska) , CTO and VP of Engineering, is a world-renowned scientist and Professor of Kiev University holding a distinguished PhD Applied and structural linguistics degree from Moscow University. The author of three monographs and 80+ highly referenced articles in artificial intelligence, she has built over 10 information retrieval and text analysis systems.